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Wow, lots of interest in the Tunisian crochet class I am teaching via email. Thank you everyone, warm smile. There is still room for this free class. Sign up at:

Again, an example of the technique is shown in the baby cocoon on my web site:

I also use just a bit of the technique in many of my throws and Afghans. It adds a lovely touch to the beauty of the fabric.

It says on the Krafters Korner web site when the class closes. I think it is January 30, 2012, or close to that time.

You are certainly welcomed to join in.



Want to learn?

One thing you all must know about me, I love love love to learn.

I am teaching a class on Tunisian crochet. This technique used to be called afghan stitch. When you look on my web site, you will see the baby cocoon is this stitch. What I am teaching in this free class is the Simple Stitch, which is the first one learns.

Go to, and take a look and sign up for this email class.

This thick woven fabric is easy to learn and is a combination of knit and crochet.

See you all in class, smile.



Boy howdy, you all have run into things that just kick your confidence. I found this, so called “easy” lamp shade cover, which I made on my knitting machine. I love to try new things to stretch myself and creativity. So knitted a wide piece of material sewed the side seems together, rolled it gently over my lamp, and bla, did not fit and was too short. Readjusted the pattern and began again. I sewed in an extra piece, and darn did not fit. It was way too long and tight again, bla. I put it aside and worked on an order. Still my mind just kept going back to the piece of material. I measured it right, length and width, now why didn’t it fit? Two days of hard work and I had nothing to show for the time spent making this cover. It is truly frustrating. This morning really early it dropped in my sleepy mind. I finished the end that is the widest end. So instead of having a flaring piece of knitted fabric, I had a tube. Still this did not account why it was so long. So I opened the one end of the fabric and loosened the stitches. So I gently slipped the cover over my lamp ready to hem the length if it fit around alright. Well howdy and hello! Not only did it slip in easily, the length was fine. Just a few adjustments to hold it snuggly on the lamp shade and I should have a pretty cool lamp shade cover.

Now to cover a throw pillow with the same yarn, smile. Oh yes, must remember to persevere, smile. Awe victory is so sweet!

Well, ok, better get the order finished first, giggle.

Becky and her SK 890 knitting machine

Tunisian Crochet

I just got finished with a scarf I crocheted using a technique called Tunisian crochet. This is a mix of knitting and crochet. You just can’t get better then that lovely woven look of the garment.

Take a look at the baby cocoon on the web site.

An announcement is coming on a class to learn this technique. On this blog you will hear it first.


Joyous New Year!

Good day everyone! Thanks for walking with me in this journey of

I saw this quote and reflected on it for my own life.

“We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched.
Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives… not looking for flaws, but for potential.”

baby sweater

Good morning! Awe, those days after rushing around filling orders and making gifts for your own family are wonderful. I can relax and do some projects I have wanted to do. I am making a baby sweater for my husband’s grandson, soon to be one year old Patrick on the knitting machine. I have one more sleeve to make, sew it on the sweater then edge the sweater. I bought a new handy dandy tool to make cool edges on sweaters, but my small practice one is too small for this sweater. I am using the basic design from a pattern, but am throwing my own twists to make the sweater a one of a kind. But still I need to practice with my new tool to see if I should invest in a full sized one. Does anyone need a baby sweater for a wee one, smile.

My husband picked out the color for Patrick’s sweater. It is a midnight blue. He calls it Cub Scout blue, smile. Color is a tough thing to pick out. I have three pending orders, and color is what we are all stuck on.

Thank you to those of you who have joined this blog. Give me ideas as to what you find interesting and not so interesting. Yarn work is such a joy to me. I am so incredibly blessed to be doing something I love. You all make it possible.

I would like to hold classes and share my passion with you. Is this something that might interest you?

Becky Frankeberger
Butterfly Knitting

Custom-made knit throws, shawls, and more!

Phone: 360-426-8389


My what a busy few weeks. I barely had time to get my gifts finished, but oh what a great feeling to know I had a small part in all the smiles from my customers, and family.

More excitement and projects are ahead for 2012 for Butterfly Knitting!

Becky Frankeberger

Tunisian scarf

While I had all the time waiting for my husband to come out of surgery, I worked on a scarf made in the Tunisian crochet style. . This stitch used to be called Afghan stitch. It makes a beautiful woven looking fabric. I had a variegated yarn called Cherry Cola. With the stitch woven looking, well you can imagine how unique and elegant this scarf is. The lady just bought a plain black coat. This scarf will be a stunning accessory. I made the scarf with a long double ended hook size N. The scarf will be off to Illinois next week.


back to relaxation `

Sorry about disappearing all smile. My husband had surgery and I was just mentally trying to work and take care of him, so just exhausted. He is fine by the way, smile.

And the winner between white and tan for the lacy scarf is off white. I just split the two right in the middle. Hey when you have a room full of beautiful yarn you can do that, smile. So here’s to two hundred rows on the lacy scarf and only a hundred and fifty to go smile.

Eternity scarf

My husband is wrapping all the presents, including the Eternity scarves I made for very special people in my life. I made my mom a lacy version out of this very soft bluish green yarn. The son’s girlfriend will get a lacy version also off white or tan, I still can’t decide. Someone else probably reading the blog well expect Carmel in your stocking this year.

I love just surprising people with an unexpected gift, smile. So let’s work on something wonderful together.

Becky and her flying needles