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baby sweater

December 28, 2011

Good morning! Awe, those days after rushing around filling orders and making gifts for your own family are wonderful. I can relax and do some projects I have wanted to do. I am making a baby sweater for my husband’s grandson, soon to be one year old Patrick on the knitting machine. I have one more sleeve to make, sew it on the sweater then edge the sweater. I bought a new handy dandy tool to make cool edges on sweaters, but my small practice one is too small for this sweater. I am using the basic design from a pattern, but am throwing my own twists to make the sweater a one of a kind. But still I need to practice with my new tool to see if I should invest in a full sized one. Does anyone need a baby sweater for a wee one, smile.

My husband picked out the color for Patrick’s sweater. It is a midnight blue. He calls it Cub Scout blue, smile. Color is a tough thing to pick out. I have three pending orders, and color is what we are all stuck on.

Thank you to those of you who have joined this blog. Give me ideas as to what you find interesting and not so interesting. Yarn work is such a joy to me. I am so incredibly blessed to be doing something I love. You all make it possible.

I would like to hold classes and share my passion with you. Is this something that might interest you?

Becky Frankeberger
Butterfly Knitting

Custom-made knit throws, shawls, and more!

Phone: 360-426-8389


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