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January 6, 2012

Boy howdy, you all have run into things that just kick your confidence. I found this, so called “easy” lamp shade cover, which I made on my knitting machine. I love to try new things to stretch myself and creativity. So knitted a wide piece of material sewed the side seems together, rolled it gently over my lamp, and bla, did not fit and was too short. Readjusted the pattern and began again. I sewed in an extra piece, and darn did not fit. It was way too long and tight again, bla. I put it aside and worked on an order. Still my mind just kept going back to the piece of material. I measured it right, length and width, now why didn’t it fit? Two days of hard work and I had nothing to show for the time spent making this cover. It is truly frustrating. This morning really early it dropped in my sleepy mind. I finished the end that is the widest end. So instead of having a flaring piece of knitted fabric, I had a tube. Still this did not account why it was so long. So I opened the one end of the fabric and loosened the stitches. So I gently slipped the cover over my lamp ready to hem the length if it fit around alright. Well howdy and hello! Not only did it slip in easily, the length was fine. Just a few adjustments to hold it snuggly on the lamp shade and I should have a pretty cool lamp shade cover.

Now to cover a throw pillow with the same yarn, smile. Oh yes, must remember to persevere, smile. Awe victory is so sweet!

Well, ok, better get the order finished first, giggle.

Becky and her SK 890 knitting machine


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