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Tunisian scarf

While I had all the time waiting for my husband to come out of surgery, I worked on a scarf made in the Tunisian crochet style. . This stitch used to be called Afghan stitch. It makes a beautiful woven looking fabric. I had a variegated yarn called Cherry Cola. With the stitch woven looking, well you can imagine how unique and elegant this scarf is. The lady just bought a plain black coat. This scarf will be a stunning accessory. I made the scarf with a long double ended hook size N. The scarf will be off to Illinois next week.


back to relaxation `

Sorry about disappearing all smile. My husband had surgery and I was just mentally trying to work and take care of him, so just exhausted. He is fine by the way, smile.

And the winner between white and tan for the lacy scarf is off white. I just split the two right in the middle. Hey when you have a room full of beautiful yarn you can do that, smile. So here’s to two hundred rows on the lacy scarf and only a hundred and fifty to go smile.

Eternity scarf

My husband is wrapping all the presents, including the Eternity scarves I made for very special people in my life. I made my mom a lacy version out of this very soft bluish green yarn. The son’s girlfriend will get a lacy version also off white or tan, I still can’t decide. Someone else probably reading the blog well expect Carmel in your stocking this year.

I love just surprising people with an unexpected gift, smile. So let’s work on something wonderful together.

Becky and her flying needles

Warm welcome!

Welcome to the busy studio of Butterfly Knitting!

Glad you came in to visit. You and I will enjoy some neat products, how they are created, and some fun stories behind the products.

So welcome, send me a note on the contact me form on my web site, That is the easiest place to find me until I learn what is up or down in word press, smile.

Becky with guide dog Jake

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